09-01-2016: Bridge Planned Over Prices Fork

Conceptual view of planned bridge over Prices Fork

Friends of the Huckleberry Trail have been working with the Town of Blacksburg to construct a pedestrian bridge over Prices Fork Road for the Huckleberry Trail.  The land on both the south and north sides of Price Fork Road has been acquired near Sheffield Drive.  A location map for the bridge is shown below (click image for a larger view), along with the architect’s rendering of the proposed bridge.  Once the section of the Hucklberry North Trail is completed between Price Fork Road and Glade Road, the traffic increase will justify the construction of this bridge to eliminate the inconvenient crossing that is now in place at Heather Drive.  The bridge is estimated to cost about $750,000, so if you have some funds you wish to donate to Friends of the Huckleberry, please click the donate button on the website.  Friends of the Huckleberry is a 501-c3, so your contribution is tax deductible.

Map of planned trail crossing at Prices Fork and Sheffield Drive
Planned Trail Crossing at Prices Fork
Architect's drawing of planned bridge.
Conceptual view of planned bridge over Prices Fork road.