Thanks to the Civil Engineering Firm Gay and Neel, a new up-to-date map of the Huckleberry Trail is now available.

Please note that the section between Prices Fork and Linwood Lane is closed for construction. It is expected to open on May 1st, 2019.
Map of the Huckleberry Trail as of March 2018  This is a large, printable (22×34), resizable and detailed map which includes changes to the Trail’s route effective as of March 2018. View/Download the new map here.
This map was created by the local Civil Engineering firm Gay and Neel, Inc.

If you have maps to share, please contact us!

Other (Older) Trail Maps

Image of Trail from original PDF  2016: A view of the Trail as of late 2016. 
This printable (11×17) and resizable map was also created by Gay and Neel, Inc. in 2016.
Huckleberry Trail  2012: Blacksburg Trail Overview (PDF)
This is another resizable map of the Trail across Montgomery County as it existed in 2012. This map is hosted at the Town of Blacksburg’s website (
Map image from trail link
The age of this map is not clear. However, please note that this site requires a Login/Registration either at TrailLink or via Facebook in order to access maps and their GPS services.
High-level map of trail from NRV Bicycle Assoc.  Circa 2015: Aerial Map (JPG):
Low-detail view of the trail as a cycling route. From the New River Vally Bicycle Association.
Huckleberry Trail Map  2014: Roanoke Times Map:
Article and small map of trail
thumbnail of map with hethwood tunnel  2010: Hethwood Extension Map (PDF):
This September 2010 article about the Trail extension at Hethwood neighborhood includes a partial map overview.
Christiansburg's Planned Expansion of the Huckleberry Trail  Circa 2013: Christiansburg Extension Map (PDF)
This map dating from late 2012 or early 2013 shows the proposed development of the trail’s Christiansburg extensions.