01.22.2013 Northern Expansion

Huckleberry at Prices ForkThe Town of Blacksburg is currently working on expansion plans for the northern end of the Huckleberry Trail. The segments are in various phases of design, bid and construction.  Once the below segments are complete, the Huckleberry Trail will connect to Heritage Park on Glade Road.

1.  A new trail segment is under construction between the Route 460 Tunnel and Plantation Road.  The construction is projected to be complete by June 2013.

2.  A segment of the Huckleberry Trail is now open between the Prices Fork Fire Station to the property boundary of the Virginia Tech farmland on the north side of Prices Fork Road.

3.  The last 3500 feet of trail, between the Virginia Tech farmland and Glade Road, is being reviewed by the Virginia Department of Historical Resources and the Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation as part of the grant application that will fund construction of this segment. The Town of Blacksburg expects feedback from DHR and DCR  by Spring 2013. Design, landowner easements and construction will follow.


  1. You state above that the extension is expected to be complete by June 2013. I don’t see anything being done for the past month and June 2013 is HERE. Is there a problem as to why the heavy equipment is setting there and no workers are to be found. Furthermore there is a lot of new vegetative growth on the existing trail that needs trimming. This much growth can be dangerous as it impedes vision.

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