11.05.2013 Blacksburg Adds Bike Repair Station at Library

Town Fix It Station 3-2In a partnership with the New River Valley Bicycle Association (NRVBA) and the Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library, the Town of Blacksburg recently installed a “Fixit” bicycle service station at the library. The station is a repair stand with bicycle-specific tools and air pump. Cyclists can make minor repairs and adjustments on the road rather than carrying tools or walking home. The NRVBA donated the Fixit station to the Town and believes the station will encourage bicycling.

The public library is located at the Huckleberry Trail terminus, where many bicycle commuters enter downtown and recreational cyclists begin and end their rides. The Fixit station is located next to the bicycle rack near the library’s front entrance. The NRVBA encourages all cyclists to practice the League of American Bicyclists’ ABC Quick Check before riding: check air in the tires, brakes, cables, and quick releases.

Bicycle for transportation is a way to incorporate physical activity into someone’s day. People who are active are more physically fit and have reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Virginia Tech installed three similar stations on campus earlier this year, and they have been well received and used. Stations have been installed in other towns, cities, and universities including the City of Roanoke and Radford University as well. For more information about the NRVBA, visit their website.