07.24.2015 Blacksburg Mountain Biking Skills Park

The Friends of the Huckleberry Trail and the Town of Blacksburg are launching an Indegogo Campaign to raise funds to build the only mountain biking skills park in southwest Virginia. The park, located off Meadowbrook Road at the base of the Jefferson National forest will be constructed in two phases. Phase one will offer over 3500 feet of trails and a 6,250 square foot pump park for all ages and skill levels. Phase two, to be constructed at a later date, will be an advanced skills course for more experienced riders.

The unique conceptual design was completed by Alpine Bike Parks of Canada to create a fun place to increase mountain biking skills. The park will allow riders to build their skill level by progressing through different trails and feature difficulties. It’s also a great warm up before heading out on a ride through the National Forest.

Once funding is secured, construction could begin as early as summer 2016.

How You Can Help

The goal is to raise $20,000. These funds will provide a 20% match to a Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation grant to build the first phase of the project.  Visit the Indegogo Campaign page for more information and submit your donation today!