08-27-2016: VDOT Construction Impact to Trail

VDOT reminds users that construction on the new Route 460 Interchange is ongoing, and is scheduled to continue until December, 2017. Detours will remain in place until completion of the interchange, so please pay attention to the signs and follow the detours. VDOT is doing the best it can to keep the Trail usable during the construction. The detour currently routes Huckleberry Trail Traffic south on Tech Center Drive.
Once it is completed, the Trail will run along the existing Tech Center Drive north and down the hill past the VT indoor tennis center to Southgate Drive. It will then turn west on Southgate for several hundred yards. Then it will turn south and parallel the new Southgate Drive and return to the existing Huckleberry Trail. This new section of the Trail is currently under construction and is planned to open in late 2017. A new, larger tunnel is under construction on VT property at the site of the farm service road. Please be patient as these changes are constructed. Thank you.

I-460 Bridge at VTech
Conceptual view of bridge at the new interchange on 460.

A more detailed discussion of the 460 Interchange Project is available on Virginia Tech’s Administrative Services site.** Maps, videos,  and links to other important construction/detour information are also on that page.

** Update June 2019: The site no longer exists. The link points to an archived version of the page thanks to the Wayback Machine.