08-31-2016: Prices Fork to Glade Road Update

Map of trail paving from Linwood Lane to Glade Rd

Huckleberry North Trail, construction on the incomplete section from Prices Fork Road to Glade Road
The section of the Huckleberry North Trail planned for construction in 2016 has hit a stumbling block.  The right of way between Prices Fork Road and Glade Road has been acquired.  The Town of Blacksburg has a completed the design for that section of the Trail.  The Town has a $300,000 grant to construct that section.  Unfortunately, a long stretch of the trail lies in wetlands requiring special mitigation and an elevated walkway.  The design was given to contractors who bid the job and the bids came back double the amount of funds the Town had available.  The pilings are helical piers and they are very expensive to construct.  At this time, the project is on hold until additional funding is available.

A small section of Trail connecting from Linwood Lane to the Heritage Park is scheduled for paving in Fall of 2016.

Prices Fork to Heritage Park
Trail construction planned from Prices Fork to Heritage Park


  1. A new grade-separated interchange is being constructed to replace the Southgate stoplight where there have been fatal accidents. To try and prevent people from being killed at the interchange, it is necessary to inconvenience the users of the Huckleberry Trail. I hope you can understand the necessity. VDOT is doing the best it can to keep the trail usable during the construction.
    Bill Ellenbogen
    President, Friends of the Huckleberry

  2. So basically what you’re saying is the trail is ruined indefinitely?? Why was this construction necessary in the first place?

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