New Trail Detour 17-28 Feb

Blacksburg posted an alert of a temporary trail detour in effect from February 17th through February 28th. During this time, Atmos Energy will detour the Huckleberry Trail near the intersection of Research Center Drive to perform utility work. A temporary stone trail will be provided as a detour around their work zone. There will be a construction fence installed to separate trail users and the work zone.

For more information, please contact Doug Shaver at 540-449-8136.


  1. The Town is working on local funding as well as grant-based and other fund sources to help extend and improve the Trail. We hope to have an update on the status once the Town’s budget is voted on in May this year.

  2. Hey Friends-

    Is there any more update to the “08-31-2016: Prices Fork to Glade Road” Section of the trail/construction that has been delayed? Is there any resolution to the additional wetlands mitigation? Or is there any update on the City’s plans for funding?

    We love Heritage Park and that section of town, and would love to know any updates on being able to access Heritage, (and Rising Silo) and eventually Jefferson National on bikes and runs…. Thanks!

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