Extensions in Christiansburg

As reported in August 2016, Christiansburg is continuing to expand their section of the Huckleberry Trail. In this next phase, the Trail would be extended out to Independence Boulevard. The Town has completed extensions near the Home Depot and the new pedestrian bridge across Route 114, as well as a section near Cambria Street. Many of these improvements were made possible thanks to a donation by the estate of Renva W. Knowles. An overview of the planned extensions and improvements are available on the Town’s website.

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  1. Really excited to see this expand. This area should be able to EASILY hit 30+ miles of beautiful trails if all the communities and governments would work together. I would love to see this extend along one of the areas train tracks. There is usually ample room near the tracks for great and safe trail.

    Here is a trail in the densely packed rust belt that is Ohio that is beyond excellent. They repurposed and followed a lot of old train routes and canals. They also tied a lot of historical items into the trail as well. It runs from Cleveland to Akron to Barberton to some smaller city. I wish I had pictures they have a section that actually lets you cross (bike, walk or fish) over a small lake. From what I recall there weren’t any real size fish in there. lol http://www.summitmetroparks.org/towpath-trail.aspx

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