* Prices Fork Pedestrian Bridge

The Prices Fork pedestrian bridge has been identified on the Town of Blacksburg’s Prices Fork corridor study. That study is currently in the last phases from the consultant. The Town is placing the bridge project in the Comprehensive Plan and working on getting it into the VDOT long term plan. Thanks to Dean Crane-CPRP, Director of Blacksburg Parks & Recreation for this update. (Status as of 2017-07-15).

When that section of the trail is complete, the Huckleberry Trail will run about 10 miles from the north end at the bottom of Brush Mt. to the south end at the recreation center in the Town of Christiansburg (about 6.5 miles from the library in downtown Blacksburg to the north terminus at the bottom of Brush Mt. after the bridge is done).

Architect's drawing of planned bridge.
Conceptual view of planned bridge over Prices Fork road.