2018-03-07: Trail Changes & Road Construction

As part of the airport runway extension project, the Contractor will be closing Research Center Drive between Innovation Drive and the Tennis Courts as of the close of business on March 7, 2018. This is a permanent closure for the re-alignment of the Huckleberry Trail and Airport Extension. The existing Huckleberry Trail detour will also be permanently closed. No thru traffic will be allowed. See attached picture of the construction area and closures.

2018-03: Trail Changes
Road Closure and Trail Re-Routing

Huckleberry Traffic:

  • From Blacksburg: Cross Beamer Way at the top of the Hill and bear right to go down along the roadway (Beamer Way) to the new trail along Southgate Drive.
    • NOTE: The trail section along Research Center Drive to Innovation Drive will be closed permanently.
  • From Innovation Drive: Follow along Research Center Drive to Southgate Drive.
  • From Southgate Drive: Go Right on the trail along Beamer Way, bear left at top of Hill to Blacksburg