The realignment of the Huckleberry Trail has added about 8/10 of a mile of additional length to the Huckelberry Trail. The length of the Huckleberry Trail from the ZERO mile marker at Miller Street in downtown Blacksburg to the Christiansburg Recreation Center is now approximately 8.3 miles. From the ZERO mileage marker to the tunnel under Route 460 is approximately 2.6 miles.

The Huckleberry North Trail begins at the new pedestrian circle, just to the west of the tunnel under the 460 Bypass. From the circle near the tunnel to Prices Fork Road is about 2 miles. Once the section of the Huckleberry North Trail between Prices Fork Road and Glade Road is completed, the trail will be approximately 4.5 miles long from the tunnel to the Gateway Park at the base of Brush Mountain.