The Virginia Dept. of Transportation is scheduled to complete the Huckleberry Trail realigment along Beamer Way and Southgate Drive by the end of July, 2018. There are presently three areas of packed gravel that will be paved and the entire 3/10 of a mile of trail along Beamer Way will be widened, realigned and resurfaced. Drainage problems along this section will be repaired.

Landscaping will also be completed, weather permitting, with grass on both sides of the Huckleberry throughout the areas affected by the Southgate Interchange improvements. Some additional landscaping will added in some areas of the trail.

The mile markers along the entire length of the Huckleberry will be relocated so they accurately reflect the mileage from the ZERO mile marker on Miller Street in Blacksburg to the Christiansburg Recreation Center. Additional mileage markers will be added to the Trail in Christiansburg for the six, seven and eight mile distances.

Once this work is completed, the Huckleberry will have a consistent surface and will once again be a very walkable and rideable trail.