2019-06-20: Linwood Lane Extension Completed

The long-awaited final section of the Trail was officially opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 20th. Due to thunderstorms in the area, the ceremony was moved from the new boardwalk extension of the trail to the Rising Silo Brewery nearby. Completion of this new section fulfills the dream of connecting the Christiansburg and Blacksburg portions of the trail to the extensive network of trails that are part of Jefferson National Forest.

The new extension includes a feature unique in the Trail’s development: A long section of boardwalk which spans the sensitive wetlands near the Heritage Park portion of the trail. Environmental concerns played a major role in the planning and execution of this section, and significantly increased the cost.

The Huckleberry Trail has met its goals thanks to the pro-active support of the Town of Blacksburg, especially Dean Crane (Director Parks & Recreation), Mayor Leslie Hager-Smith, and former Mayor Roger Hedgepeth; and to the many local volunteers and donors. The non-profit organization Friends of the Huckleberry Trail, led by Bill Ellenbogen (President) and Lance Matheson (Treasurer), has helped raise over $6 million dollars for development of the Huckleberry.

With on-going maintenance and improvements such as signage and mile-markers, the Huckleberry Trail needs your continued support. Donate or Volunteer today!