2019-07-19: Trail Mileage Update

With the completion of the recent Blacksburg extension of the Huckleberry connecting Linwood Lane and Prices Fork, the Trail is now more than  11 miles long. Here is a summary of the mileage:
— From the 0 mile marker by the library at Miller St. in Blacksburg to the Christiansburg Rec Center is 8.34 miles.
— From the 0 mile marker at Miller St. in Blacksburg to the Gateway Park at the base of Brush Mountain is 8.04 miles.
— From the Christiansburg Rec Center to the base of Brush Mt. at the Gateway Park is 11.18 miles one way, about 22.36 miles round-trip.

Maps of the trail, both current and historical, are available on our Maps Page.


  1. Is there parking at the Fire Station on Price’s Fork to walk the trail to Linwood?

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