About Us: Friends of the Huckleberry

Since 1993, Friends of the Huckleberry (a 501c3 non-profit) has worked in partnership with local communities to promote, fund, construct, maintain, and encourage the use of the Huckleberry Trail. As advocates of the trail, the Friends hope to connect people and communities while improving their wellness, economic health, and experience of the trail.

Friends provides information about the trail systems through its website and maps and works to improve the user experience by assisting the local governments with fundraising and construction projects to  expand the trail and provide amenities along the trail.

Board Members

  • Beth Lohman, President
  • Paul Farrier, Vice President
  • Lance Matheson, Treasurer
  • Bill Ellenbogen, Member
  • Michael George, Member

Ex Officio Members

  • Dean Crane, Town of Blacksburg
  • Mitchell Haugh, Montgomery County
  • Brad Epperley, Town of Chrisitiansburg
  • Nick Quint, Virginia Tech

You can reach out to Friends of the Huckleberry by emailing at:


Or you can drop us an old-fashioned letter at:

Friends of the Huckleberry, Inc.
PO Box 10414
Blacksburg VA 24062