Donate to the Huckleberry

Friends of the Huckleberry was created in 1993 solely for the purpose of promoting and expanding the Huckleberry Trail. We have been involved in all of the planning and construction of the Trail since 1993. One hundred percent of the funds we have raised have been used for engineering and construction of the Huckleberry Trail. Five miles of the Huckleberry have been added directly as a result of our fundraising efforts.

Please consider supporting the Huckleberry Trail as we complete the connections to the south in Christiansburg and to the north in Blacksburg connecting to the Jefferson National Forest.

Please mail donations to:

Friends of the Huckleberry, Inc.
PO Box 925
Blacksburg, VA 24063-0925

Donate a Bench

The Trail needs places for hikers and bikers to pause for a rest. If you would like to donate a bench to the trail, you can call one of our local Recreation departments for specifics: Blacksburg 540-443-1101; Christiansburg 540-382-2349; or Montgomery County 540-382-6975.

If you would like to make a donation for amenities along the Huckleberry Trail, such as a bench or a tree with a dedication to a person or business, please contact Bill Ellenbogen, President, Friends of the Huckleberry, Inc.: