Donate to the Huckleberry

Friends of the Huckleberry, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit, was created in 1993 solely for the purpose of promoting and expanding the Huckleberry Trail. For the last three decades, we have been involved in all of the planning and construction of the trail, and one hundred percent of the funds we have raised have been used for engineering and construction of the Huckleberry Trail and for the amenities along the trail. With almost 15 miles of paved trail completed, Friends of the Huckleberry is working with the localities to identify future projects, including the bridge over Prices Fork Road and connections to other jurisdictions such as Roanoke County and City of Radford. 

Funding Priorities for 2021

  • Mileage Markers:  Provide new mileage markers for the newest segments of trail, including Huckleberry North and Huckleberry South. 
  • Printed and Electronic Maps:  Produce a printed and electronic map for trip planning and navigational purposes. The map will showcase the Huckleberry Trail System plus all of the paved and natural surface trails that connect with the Huckleberry Trail. 

To help support the map project, stop by the Brush Mountain Trail Hub at @RisingSiloBrewery on Glade Road to pick up a Huckleberry Trail Sticker.  Be sure to enjoy a physically distanced beverage while you’re there. 

  • Trail-wide Signage Plan. Produce a trail wide signage plan with the purpose of helping  to orient people to new spaces, find their destination with minimum stress and without getting lost, locate points of interest such as restrooms, and discover information in an easy to digest way.  Once the trail-wide signage plan is finalized, work with localities to purchase and install way-finding signage along the trail.
  • Prices Fork Bridge.  The Huckleberry Trail crosses the four-lane Prices Fork Road at a signalized crossing, and for families with young children, it’s not the most comfortable crossing.  We are running a multi-year campaign to raise funds to cost share the construction of the bridge with the Town of Blacksburg.

Online Donations

We are excited to share that we are working on setting up a profile with an online donation platform and will have an online option for donations in late winter 2021


Please mail donations to:

Friends of the Huckleberry, Inc.
PO Box 10414
Blacksburg, VA 24062

Sponsorship Opportunities

Along the trail, you will see mileage markers, benches, water filling stations and picnic benches.  If you would like to make a donation for one of these items, please contact either Friends of the Huckleberry or the appropriate Parks and Recreation Departments for specifics:

    • Beth Lohman, Friends of the Huckleberry, 
    • Dean Crane, Blacksburg, 540-443-1101
    • Brad Epperley, Christiansburg, 540-382-2349
    • Mitchell Haugh, Montgomery County, 540-382-6975