How long is the trail?
— From the 0 mile marker by the library at Miller St. in Blacksburg to the Christiansburg Rec Center is 8.34 miles.
— From the 0 mile marker at Miller St. in Blacksburg to the Gateway Park at the base of Brush Mountain is 8.04 miles.
— From the Christiansburg Rec Center to the base of Brush Mt. at the Gateway Park is 11.18 miles one way, about 22.36 for an out and back ride.

Does the Trail have restroom facilities?
The Trail does not have its own facilities, but some public facilities are available near Trail Access points (“Trail Heads”), such as the NRV Mall, the Blacksburg Public Library, and at the Coal Miners Park. During major events held on the Trail like the annual Hokie 5K, portable facilities are installed at specific locations.

How do I hold an event (running, biking, walking) on the Trail?
Permits are required for events on the Huckleberry Trail. The Trail crosses through 3 different jurisdictions, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Montgomery County. Each of these has its own permit process. Click on these links for information on how to apply to use the Trail for each of these locations: Blacksburg (phone number), Christiansburg (Permit Application, PDF), and Montgomery County – use the Register or Reserve links on that page. Also visit our Events page for upcoming events happening on the Trail.

Are there restrictions on using the Trail?
Motorized vehicles and any transport more than 3 feet wide are prohibited. Dogs must be on leashes; no other pets are allowed, including horses. In addition, for the safety of all that use the trail there is a speed limit of 15mph that applies in all of the Trail’s jurisdictions (Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Montgomery County).

Can I use an EV (E-Assist) Bicycle?
Electric-Assist bicycles with motors up to 250 watts are allowed on the trail, but must respect the 15mph speed limit. Scooters and all other vehicles with internal combustion engines are prohibited.

There aren’t enough benches. Can I donate one?
You’re right: The Trail needs places for hikers and bikers to pause for a rest. If you would like to donate a bench to the trail, you can call one of our local Recreation departments for specifics: Blacksburg 540-443-1101; Christiansburg 540-382-2349; or Montgomery County 540-382-6975. Or you can contact us directly.