Does the Trail have restroom facilities?
The Trail does not have its own facilities, but some public facilities are available near Trail Access points (“Trail Heads”), such as the NRV Mall, the Blacksburg Public Library, and at the Coal Miners Park. During major events held on the Trail, like the Hokie 5K, portable facilities are installed at specific locations.

How do I hold an event (running, biking, walking) on the Trail?
Permits are required for events on the Huckleberry Trail. The Trail crosses through 3 different jurisdictions, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Montgomery County. Each of these has its own permit process. Click on these links for information on how to apply to use the Trail for each of these locations: Blacksburg (phone number), Christiansburg (Permit Application, PDF), and Montgomery County – use the Register or Reserve links on that page. Also visit our Events page for upcoming events happening on the Trail.

When will VDOT be done with detours on the Trail?
The Virginia Tech 460 Bypass interchange is scheduled to be completed in late 2017 — early 2018. Until the new interchange is finished, the Trail will continue to have detours in place at varying points on the trail near the interchange. The expansion of the Blacksburg Airport is also a factor affecting these detours. Fortunately, VDOT has worked closely with us to keep the Trail open and usable during this lengthy construction process.