Pocket Parks

While you are walking, jogging, or biking, be sure to stop at the “pocket parks” along the Huckleberry Trail and take a rest or observe the beauty:

Talbot Park Talbot Park: Early in the trail, just beyond the neighborhoods, Talbot Park is the first “pocket park” on the Huckleberry designed as a trailside rest stop. Photo originally published in The Roanoke Times (at URL: https://roanoke.com).
Warm Hearth Park: Near mile 3 the trail dips down towards the Warm Hearth retirement community and into Warm Hearth Park. Friends of the Huckleberry placed mile markers every quarter mile in this section to aid senior trail users. Additional parking is also available at Warm Hearth Park. Photo from Vicky Somma.
Coal Miner's Heritage Park Coal Miner’s Heritage Park: Located at mile 4 and also the location of a new restroom, this “pocket park” is filled with old coal mining equipment surrounded by daffodils and a bridge that crosses over an active Norfolk Southern rail line.  Public restroom facilities are available in the park. Photo from Vicky Somma.
Gateway Park Gateway Park: This “gateway” to the Jefferson National Forest offers hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders access to recreation areas and 30 miles of trails that connect the Huckleberry Trail to Pandapas Pond. A connection to the park was completed in 2003, as reported by the Roanoke Times. Photo from Town of Blacksburg.
Heritage Community Park Heritage Community Park: Located just 5 minutes from downtown Blacksburg off of Glade Road, this scenic park offers 0.75 miles of paved trail and approximately 2 miles of grassy trails for hikers, cyclist, and dog walkers.  A connection to the Trail was completed by the Town of Blacksburg in 2013. Photo from Town of Blacksburg.