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For the last three decades, we have been involved in all of the planning and construction of the trail, and 100% of donations and funding has been used for engineering and construction of the Huckleberry Trail and the amenities along the trail.  


New Maps

In the spring of 2021, we began working with Pisgah Map Co., in Western North Carolina to produce a new map of the Huckleberry Trail. Since then, we’ve been working with local partners to review digital versions of the map for accuracy. 

The map will not only show the 15-mile paved Huckleberry Trail but the map will include the Coal Mining Heritage Park Trail, the new McDonald Hollow Trail Network, Gateway Trail and the Poverty Creek Trail System. 

We’re excited to share that the map is almost ready for the printers and that we expect the map to be ready in July 2021. You’ll be able to purchase a paper copy of the map at locally owned businesses and electronic versions through the Avenza Maps smartphone app. 

Mileage Markers

The original five-plus miles of the Huckleberry Trail have mileage markers located along the trail to help you track the distance you’ve traveled.  In the summer of 2021, we will be adding mileage markers to the newest sections of trail — on the Huckleberry Trail near the Christiansburg Recreation Center, Huckleberry South, and Huckleberry North. 

If you’re interested in seeing your logo on one of the markers, we still have sponsorship opportunities available. Email us at to obtain more information about sponsorships. 

New Trail Construction

During the pandemic, people engaged in outdoor recreation in record numbers, and communities realized the public health and quality of life benefits of multipurpose trails. We’re busy working with other regional non-profits exploring opportunities to expand the Huckleberry Trail. Your donation will help fund land and right-of-way acquisition and design and construction of new trails. Several projects on the horizon, include: 

  • Valley to Valley Trail: To connect the Huckleberry Trail to the Roanoke River Greenway to the north and the New River Trail State Park to the South. For more information, see VDOT’s project website. 
  • Huckleberry Trail Meadowbrook Extension: To extend the Huckleberry Trail from Heritage Park to the McDonald Hollow Trail Network parking lot and through the Tom’s Creek Basin.
  • Prices Fork Bridge: To construct a pedestrian and bicycle bridge across the four-lane Prices Fork Road at Sheffield Drive. 
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