There are several ways to help out on the Huckleberry!


The governments that administer their sections of the Trail have limited resources and are looking for volunteer groups to perform special projects throughout the year.  These might include litter cleanup, tree planting, or pocket park maintenance.  If a group has another special project it wishes to suggest, the governments are open to suggestions.

To help with the Blacksburg section of the Trail please contact:
Dean Crane
Director, Blacksburg Parks and Recreation Department

To help with the Montgomery County section of the Trail, please contact:
Mitchell Haugh
Director, Montgomery County Parks and Recreation Department

To help with the Christiansburg section of the Trail, please contact:
Chuck Muncy
Assistant Director, Christiansburg Parks and Recreation Department


Friends of the Huckleberry is looking for nice photos of the Huckleberry to post on our website.  We will not pay for the photos but will provide attribution to the photographer if we decide to post them on the website.  If we do not use a photo for the Huckleberry site, it will not be redistributed or used for any other purpose.

Please e-mail any photo you are willing to share on the Friends of the Huckleberry website or comments about the website to:

Bill Ellenbogen
President, Friends of the Huckleberry, Inc.


If you have suggestions about the Huckleberry Trail itself, your comments may be sent to the same e-mail address and it will be forwarded to the appropriate jurisdiction.  Friends of the Huckleberry has helped promote and plan the Trail and it’s expansion but is not involved in the maintenance of the Trail.

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for your work promoting the Huck! We are wondering what will become of the bench dedicated to Al and Verle Payne in the oak woods just west of the airport. My name is Liz Kirchner and my email is eliza15@vt.edu. Any info about that stretch of the trail is much appreciated.

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